Franchisee is taking charge of her own destiny with Totally Nutz® Franchise

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Kim Kuykendall is a Totally Nutz Franchise franchisee. Deciding to go into business for herself was a very easy decision. The Totally Nutz leadership team recently interviewed Kim about her experience and why she was compelled to own her own business.

TNF: Tell us about your background and why you chose self-employment over working for someone else.

Kim: All my life I have been told that achieving success in school or business would be difficult due to my hearing impairment. Those words were the driving force behind my determination. They made me even more determined to set high goals and accomplish them.”

When I learned about Totally Nutz from my franchise coach I was compelled to learn more. The idea of working my own business at different events, in different places really excited me.

TNF: What else do you like about working for yourself?

Kim: I like overseeing my own destiny, but not completely on my own. The Totally Nutz business model is proven. The founders, Matt & Yvette Barker worked out all the kinks and created a simple model. All franchisees must do is follow the model to be successful.

I also like being able to spend time with my son, Caleb. I am a single mother and I homeschool. Adding business ownership to his school curriculum is not only a fun experience for both of us, but it also gives him the ability to learn how to operate a business. It’s great life-experience.

TNF: What has your experience of business ownership been like so far?

Kim: It has been great. I love telling people that I am a small business owner and telling them about what we do. People love the smell and taste of our cinnamon-glazed nuts. It is fun to converse when them when they come to our cart to learn more about our roasting process and to buy our product.

TNF: What kinds of events do you and Caleb like to work?

Kim: I am a new franchisee so I am mastering my craft by working at small, local events. I want to make sure I am ready to work larger, multi-day events, anticipate crowds and maximize my profits. I love working in my community and getting to know people.

TNF: How has the support that you have received been?

Kim: My family and friends have been incredibly supportive. I have a cousin who has offered to work alongside me once I start to get busy. The support from Totally Nutz Corporate has been incredible. Being new, I have a lot of questions that someone is always available to answer. I feel that I made an excellent choice by buying a Totally Nutz Franchise.

To learn more about owning a Totally Nutz Franchise, visit totallynutzfranchise.com.

To inquire about having Totally Nutz (Sweet Nutin!) attend one of your events and/or to order online, go to sweetnutin@totallynutz.com.

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