Totally Nutz® - Discounted Franchise Fees for U.S. Veterans

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Totally Nutz®, a good franchise opportunity for U.S. Veterans

Is it time for a new chapter in your life? Do you want to work for yourself, but you are not sure what you would do or what the risk would be? Franchising is a great alternative if you want a proven, flexible, mobile business model and the guidance to get you started and a full support system which continues after training. As a leader in the gourmet snack industry, the demand for Totally Nutz’ fresh roasted, cinnamon glazed nuts is spreading across the country as markets are expanding. If you are looking for a simple concept, a proven business model with a lucrative income, Totally Nutz is the right choice. Before you decide to buy a franchise, do research. Your decision should involve several factors:
  1. How much can you invest?
  2. What are your strengths?
  3. What are you passionate about?
Totally Nutz offers a free educational program which helps potential franchisees to learn all they need to know before committing to be a new team member. The process can be geared around your pace and timeline without any pressure being applied by the Totally Nutz team. Why should U.S. Veterans consider franchising? According to Bill Murphy, Jr. in an Inc.com article, veterans bring their unusual discipline, perspective, and problem-solving skills to the world of changing startups. Military training is often cited as good preparation for business leadership. Veterans bring amazing advantages to the entrepreneurial game—things like discipline, perspective, leadership ability, and the learned skill of seeing problems as opportunities. To help get started, qualified U.S. Veteran’s will receive a 10% discount on Totally Nutz franchise fees which helps valued military women and men transition to an exciting new chapter in their lives. Totally Nutz is the perfect companion for cheering on your favorite team, walking the halls of a convention center or enjoying your favorite band in concert. To learn more about a Totally Nutz Franchise opportunity, visit TotallyNutzFranchise.com.
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